For spaces with unique style. Be it a bohemian living room or modernised vintage bedroom.

Providing a warm, comforting glow, our lamps make for a fantastic ambience wherever they’re placed, and offer an intriguing talking point in any home. The concept provides a show-stopping piece for impressive interior design. Available in both male and female forms to suit your taste, these life-sized models measure in at 158cm tall. Coming in at human proportions make introducing a Lumaquin lamp to your home like welcoming a new family member.

The Critics Guide

Time after time our customer and critic reviews state just how much of a talking point a Lumaquin lamp can be in a home. While most home lighting is ignored, Lumaquin lamps provide a statement in the environment in which they reside. Our aim is to create lighting products that do not go unnoticed. The concept was created to produce an unusual and eye-catching addition to living spaces. In addition to this, our lamps serve their intended function (the glow of a Lumaquin adds a similar brightness of a regular floor lamp to a living space). Taking home a Lumaquin lamp is like adding a new member to your family. Someone who lights up a room.

Lumaquin lamps are life-sized and give off a similar brightness to any other standard floor lamp. Our use of LED powered lighting make power usage minimal with a virtually infinite amount of lifetime.

As seen on our Facebook page, some customers like to dress up their lamps, while others prefer to leave them in the nude.

The Lumaquin lamp family can be bought from many different internet and high street outlets.

Lumaquin lamps were designed with the intention of living in the homes of people around the world, but we have also had many partnerships with companies looking to illuminate their fashion displays, visual merchandising stands and window displays.

At Lumaquin, we try to make ourselves as available as possible to you to answer any questions on specifications, promotions and press that you may have. This is why there are many different ways in which you can get in contact with us. We’re happy to chat on the phone, respond to emails or live chat with you between the hours of 9am-5pm GMT.